He promised to reward me for my work.

You're on time.

I cannot cheep like a sparrow. I'm a pigeon.

She is ignorant of even the simplest fact about science.

I can't help wondering about what Bart might be doing.

Kim is living with Ken.

I'd be happy to tell them.

She has a hot temper.


They'll like it.

The store is closing at 7.

Real added Swamy's name to the list.


Cary needs to be hospitalized.


I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself.

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The battle is ours.

The senator has a very demanding schedule this week.

This dictionary has been of great use to me.

Emails have started suddenly disappearing from my inbox.

Pradeep opened the envelope and took out the letter.

The police thought the victim was Raif, but they were unable to identify the body.

I just came back from replacing the TV; it was acting really finicky.


Mike said that he was very careless.

I feel helpless right now.

He is clever in some ways.

She helped me morally.

I can see how that would be confusing.


The video has been removed.


Don't bother them.


I would like to learn your language.

I paid double the price for the secondhand book.

I'm not a suspect.

She is willing to do odd jobs.

You look as healthy as ever.

How about taking a walk with us?

Tomorrow will be no different than today.


May I visit an art gallery?

Forbidden fruit is sweetest.

I'll do my best to persuade Bea.

I can't accept that explanation.

Malloy unlocked his office door.


I don't speak Arabic.

Internal division within the Labor Party was one of the factors which led to its defeat at the recent election.

I won't answer any more of your questions.

I like to come here.

I'm very hungry as I can't wait until the fast breaking time.

The important thing is that they are all fine.

The important thing is to have your own hobby.

The audience slowly started to applaud.

Hubert is going to need to borrow your suitcase.

Shaw is persistent.

She will catch you.

I'm excited to go back to Boston.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Beat it, kids!

Love is giving something one doesn't have.


And that one over there is Mars.

Thomas closed the shop.

The Mormons left Illinois in the spring of 1846.

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Blair looked down at his broken leg.

Diana is going to like that.

You've got a million dollars in front of you. You can either spend it for yourself or spend it on a surgery for someone you don't know who is in danger of quadriplegia. You both don't know each other. And no one will ever know what a noble deed you've done sacrificing all the money to the surgery for a person you don't know, or how mean you were to take the money confining that person to wheelchair for the rest of their life. So what would you do? You can't share the money.


John has a child, that is, a daughter.


Bob can cook.

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Stop! You're making him cry.

Please tell me it's a joke.

This is an outright lie!

I feel like some important idea always slips away from me, and I can't catch it.

My allowance does not pay for my tuition.

Maybe he was ill.

Somebody is calling you from the gate.

Let us take care of this.

We have ample funds in hand.

Natraj said he liked Jagath.

If you're looking for constructive criticism, know that there's never a shortage of people eager to give their opinions.

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Kaj was fascinated by Jarl's story.

She doesn't like being alone, but I prefer it like that.

Do you have some wine?

We all hope for peace.

The box is broken.

You should keep in touch with Mr Smith.

This is all I've got left.


Is the horse black?

I didn't realize you knew him.

I'm glad Pilar helped us.

I had a lot to say in relation to that affair.

Your skirt is out of fashion.

You must tell Isidore the truth.

Holy shit!

I make it rule never to borrow money.

Reading, in itself, was not a crime, but because of its solitary nature, it raised suspicion that one might formulate unapproved opinions.

Gunter kissed Anna and then went to work.

I spent idle days during the vacation.

What did Les say he wanted to eat?

Factory jobs are drying up in the local economy.


Stop using emoticons everywhere. It makes it look like you're on ecstasy...

He left the building at about 6 p.m.

You sure sound grumpy.


He is the man I saw yesterday.

A child not wanting to go to school can be a sign that it's being bullied.

Gary promised he'd clean his room.


Brian has bought Kate some lipstick.


They really hate each other.

What specifically seems to be the problem?

This racist and colonialist ideology is in no way superior to the despicable system of apartheid.

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When he learned that he would have a new brother or sister, Oliver was overjoyed.

I doubt if it will.

We'll help you rescue them.

I must admit that things are looking quite optimistic.

Schools have tried to limit their use by not allowing them to be used in math classes, although they allow them in science lessons to save time.

I finished doing the work before supper.

I'm going to go talk to Dustin again.

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Walt often comes to see me on weekends.

Don't waste my time asking stupid questions.

Raising the spinnaker while tacking is not advised.

Baseball is boring.

Why did they change their minds?

They might be corrupted, but they still work hard for the people.

We have an elevator and a private bathroom.

With any luck, there will be no school tomorrow.

There's no good reason not to do that.

I didn't realize how hungry I was.

I saw Rex doing it.


She has a cheerful personality.

Make sure you don't ask too many stupid questions.

You'll get used to the dorm life pretty quickly.


Dana and Joubert were eating lunch when John walked in the door.

Plants can't grow without water.

Something must be done.


He has some acquaintance with the government people.


Man lives not by bread alone.

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I think it would be really good for you to do that.

Are you related to the Nagashima family?

They lived happily ever after.


You don't owe Susanne anything.


I hope Deb wasn't any trouble.

I didn't donate blood.

You can't charge that much.


I will write you back soon.


I assume you know how to fix the problem.

You need to wait.

It made me feel sad and happy at the same time.


He's in danger of being evicted.

After the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church hindered celebrating the Neptune Day, the Amur region was flooded.

Milo isn't the only one who doesn't want to go to the zoo.

Victoria's unexpected death devastated his work colleagues.

Some translate while others denigrate.


He didn't write me back.


Are things going well?

I am growing to hate the girl.

What're we missing?

I feel bad for him.

He telephoned her when he arrived at the station.


I take my job seriously.

Nothing will excuse such an act.

At least tell her how you feel.

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She couldn't understand what had happened there.

Some people don't like chickens.

Joseph knows me well.

I think you should just leave.

Cindy emigrated to Australia when he was thirty.

Kiki still has a few options.

I feel like I've been reborn.


You seem to understand them.